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Members of the Commission

Established by statute in 1970, the Kentuc​​ky Commission on Women comprises the Lieutenant Governor and not more than 24 members and a chairperson, who are appointed by the Governor. Members serve four-year terms.

In appointing the Commission the Governor attempts to ensure, insofar as it may be practicable, and with due regard to the several geographic regions and socioeconomic gro​​ups, that the board is broadly representative of the women of the commonwealth.

Commission Memb​ers​​

Lt. Governor Jacquelin​e Coleman, ex-officio
Ashley Adkins, Rowan Cou​nty
Iman Ali, Pike County
Marisa Aull, Fayette County
Chrysanthia Carr-Seals, Fayette County
Fran Carrico, Washington County
Betty Cook, Pulaski County
Lisa Cooper, Campbell County
Lucy Gentry, Fayette County
Rachel Greenberg, Jefferson County
Kristie Guffey, Calloway County
Judith Hanekamp, Jefferson County
Susan Hershberg, Jefferson County
Emma Hutchens, Jefferson County
Whitney Johns, Mercer County
Patti Minter, Warren County
Jennifer Mossotti, Fayette County
Terry Owens, Hardin County
Ann Perkins, Boyd County
Sarah Stewart Holland, McCracken County
Christine Thompson, Livingston County
Marita Willis, Jefferson County (Chair)
Kathleen Wright, Jefferson County
Colleen Younger, Jefferson County​