The Kentucky Commission on Women is dedicated to
elevating the status of women and girls in the Commonwealth,
empowering them to overcome barriers to equity, and
expanding opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

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The Center for the Advancement of Women's Health is surveying women to study how we respond to stress, environmental and cultural influence.

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We hope you will enjoy browsing our web site and various links to information that is of interest to and pertaining to women. The Kentucky Commission on Women works to improve the status of women in Kentucky, works to educate the public about issues and challenges pertaining to women, serves as a catalyst to bring policymakers and advocates together, and as an informational clearinghouse for women around the Commonwealth. In terms of education, health and well-being, economic sufficiency, leadership and equity, Kentucky must continue to rise to meet the challenge of strengthening Kentucky women.

The Commission stands ready to identify and examine the obstacles to progress, and to develop solutions for the future for our women and girls. We hope this website will assist in raising your awareness of what has already been accomplished and what yet needs to be done to improve the quality of life for women and Kentucky citizens in general. It just makes good sense...

Strengthen Kentucky by Strengthening Kentucky Women!

Women's Initiatives

Are you a president, director, or chairwoman of an organization, group or agency that affects the status of women in Kentucky?

Join the Kentucky Women's Leadership Council sponsored by the Kentucky Commission on Women and Kentucky Women's Political Caucus.

By bringing together Kentucky's women leaders to share highlights of their organization's projects, events of interests and issues of concern. We will all benefit from a cohesive network while we work to improve the status of women in Kentucky.

If you are interested in participating in the Kentucky Women's Leadership Council call 502-564-2611 x330.

The Kentucky Commission on Women organized a women's health coalition in September of 2008 to brainstorm initiatives that will help change the grade for women's health in Kentucky.

Nationally, Kentucky ranks in the bottom third on the status of women's health and well-being and if graded would receive an F.

Please read about the Women's Wellness Kiosk Project to find out what the Commission on Women is doing to improve women's health across the Commonwealth.

While the Commonwealth of Kentucky has made positive strides over the years to improve the health status of women, the state still lags behind when compared to national health standards. In order to address this issue the Kentucky Commission on Women Foundation, Inc. has partnered with St. Andrew Development, a health education and learning technology company that develops personal learning kiosks directed towards underserved and overburdened communities.

Working closely with women’s health experts, women’s advocates, government leaders and survivors, KCW has launched a bi-lingual interactive Women’s Wellness Guide. This statewide health initiative targets our state’s constituents most in need of behavioral change.

Please click here to take a virtual tour of the Women's Wellness Guide.

Articles and information:

Women's Wellness Guide Kiosks: Empowering Women To Take Charge Of Their Health, Journal of Participatory Medicine (June 2011)

Kiosk Factsheet

Best Practices for Nonprofits Toolkit
By: Beth Irvin, Intern, Kentucky Commission on Women
MPA, University of Louisville
Spring 2010

While working on my Masters of Public Administration at the University of Louisville I was exposed to a lot of great material on what makes nonprofits effective in the field today. My professors assigned comprehensive readings that exposed me to a plethora of ideas, strategies and case studies relevant to nonprofit best practices.

During my coursework I was assigned projects that tested my ability to apply those concepts, which really ingrained the material for me. I wanted to compile a project that would both allow me to synthesize what I had learned through the program as well as explore further some of the areas that interested me personally.

This Toolkit is designed to share not only the academic concepts I learned, but also the expertise of great nonprofit professionals to others in the community. I performed targeted interviews on specific subjects relevant to modern nonprofit management with local and state level nonprofit leaders. It was amazing the amount of insight people were willing to offer me in a thirty-minute interview. Each interview is really a gold mine of advice and know-how.

I really appreciate the participation on behalf of all of the interviewees. Also, I would like to thank Dr. Andy Patterson for serving as my instructor on this project and helping guide me through the process.

Beth Irvin

Please click on the link below to view the entire toolkit:

Best Practices Toolkit